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The Marketplace Ambassador Initiative

is a movement that is all about seeing God moving His Kingdom through the marketplace. For the consumer, we confidently recommend those listed in our Member's Directory. For the believer at work, we offer tools to empower you so that you can be more effective as an Ambassador In The Marketplace. For the business leader, we focus on Christ-Centered Leadership and Equipping for personal and organizational growth.

"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold."
-Proverbs 22:1

Our Membership List

For the individual who is interested in a product or service from a business of integrity, we provide a listing of our member businesses.

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Equip and Empower

Want to go deeper? Join us for a weekly men’s confidentiality group, monthly ladies power luncheon or monthly Business Advisory Forum .

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Community Outreaches

Stay involved with our activities by keeping up to date with Luncheons, Leadership Gatherings, and other events.

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Whether looking for a business with a good name or wanting to grow as a professional we are here to serve you. Learn more…

Why choose us?

  • It is important for us in the marketplace to stand together for Christ
  • The public knows about our website
  • The Catalyst, our printed directory, is distributed throughout the city annually
  • We provide support which involves accountability and confidentiality for the business leader who is willing to commit to growing his business in a biblical manner
  • A great network of faith-principled businesses

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  • Finishing Well
    In turning the page to this years Calendar, we would...

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Because we live in a fallen world, we all experience something negative once in a while. If you should pay for an unacceptable product / service from one of our members, please go to the owner / leader and seek out Biblical reconciliation. If reconciliation is not achieved, we appreciate you letting us know by phone or email . We will take your experience into consideration when renewing them the following year. If we get multiple complaints about a particular member, we will remove them from future directories.